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Founded in 1996, Kaarsilla Kinnisvara OÜ is a constantly evolving Estonian-owned company. It values solid, long-term partnerships and is always on the lookout for new challenges. The company started out as the Tirsi commercial chain in Tartu. Its first store was established in 1999.

The operational rights of the stores and the Tirsi trademark were sold to AS A-Selver in 2004. Since 2004 the company has mainly been active in the rental and development of trade and office space.

The first Tirsi store was opened at Turu 37a, which now houses Fixus car supplies. This was followed by Ringtee Tirsi in 2001, Annelinna Keskus in 2003 and Suur-Jõe Selver in Pärnu and Mustakivi Selver in Tallinn in 2005. In 2008 Ringtee Selver moved to a new building, making way for Tartu Tööriistamarket, which opened in 2009. The second floor of the building was converted into offices during renovations. Vahi Selver was completed in December 2012 and May 2014 saw the opening of Konsum and Tööriistamarket in Narva.

Kaarsilla Kinnisvara currently owns a total of 62,000 m²  of rentable space. 37,000 m² of commercial space and 25,000 m² of office space in Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu and Narva. The company is planning to build new commercial and office spaces on its properties in these cities, as well as in Jõhvi.

Kaarsilla Kinnisvara offers a commercial real estate development service that includes both construction and a follow-up administrative service.

We are interested in purchasing properties with development potential. Our goal is to increase the value of properties through detailed planning and construction.
Made Vares
Chief Executive Officer
GSM: +372 521 7471

Viljar Jänes
Head of Development
GSM: +372 5331 1056

Allan Tull
Sales&Business Inquiries
GSM: +372 522 0448
E-post: allan@kaarsilla.ee 

Mari-Anne Jaagant
Head of Development (Tallinn, Pärnu, Narva)
GSM: +372 511 4950

Eve Teder

Head of Administration
GSM: +372 511 4272

E-mail: eve@kaarsilla.ee 

Mare Veldemann
GSM: +372 733 8070
E-post: mare@kaarsilla.ee

Lauri Lani
Administrative specialist
GSM: +372 5860 2551

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